Audio Physic Codex

Audio Physic Codex

Floorstander loudspeaker - pair

Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
Audio Physic Codex
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Codex - A speaker for true live feeling
Audio Physic presents the new Codex. The award-winning speaker is equipped for the first time with the revolutionary PowerTrain technology including the new midrange driver HHCM SL.

As a result, the Codex achieves unrivalled performance in resolution and spatial imaging in this class. The elegant and minimalist design of the Codex remains unchanged.

There is always a certain divergence between excellent music reproduction and interior design features. For a rich, deep bass and a solid foundation, loudspeakers require a certain cabinet volume. The Codex successfully manages this tight-rope act, thanks to its intelligent cabinet architecture and variety of available finishes. Despite its volume, the four-way loudspeaker with its clear contours and slender baffle exudes an air of stylish elegance. Especially the high-gloss glass finishes, combined with bright colour tones, almost lends the loudspeakers an appearance of weightlessness.

Special attention was paid to the inner structure of the corpus, as only an extremely sturdy cabinet offers the prerequisite for a reproduction that is pure and true to detail. Numerous braces and extremely stiff elements, made of open-cell ceramic foam, lend the Codex body superb stability, without noticeably reducing the interior volume. Thanks to the sandwich construction, featuring a permanently elastic intermediate layer, the cabinet is perfectly quiet. Thus, the acoustic impacts of the cabinet components themselves are effectively counteracted.

The subwoofer on the Codex is mounted in the interior of the cabinet, utilizing an optimally matched chamber. The 10” long-throw chassis is extremely powerful and effortlessly transmits the lowest frequencies. From 100 Hertz on, it hands the baton over to a 7” chassis in the front of the cabinet. Here’s the benefit of this division of labour: The bass reproduction remains confident and controlled in any situation. What’s more, the Codex offers considerably more latitude in terms of placement than traditionally designed loudspeakers, even close to a wall, they play with crisp structure and full torque.

The clarity in the lower octaves provides a cornerstone for exceptionally neutral and precise reproduction of mid and high frequencies.

Here, the pioneering Hyper Holographic Cone tweeter, now in its third generation, and the ground-breaking HHCM SL midrange driver come into play. Thanks to its special surround design, it does not need a centring spider at all, which makes the structure behind the aluminium cone much more streamlined, which in turn prevents compression effects.

That is why the sound reproduction is not affected by any renegade resonance, so-called partial vibrations. In addition, the chassis have their own compartment in the corpus of the Codex. This eliminates any interactions via the air volume in the loudspeaker. For maximum signal fidelity, the crossover network is distributed among several levels and equipped with first-rate components. The individual modules are placed next to each chassis.

The Codex also shows meticulous detail in its connection terminal. Here, the loudspeaker cables are connected with high-end WBT nextgen™ pole pieces. The terminal is also mechanically decoupled from the loudspeaker cabinet. It is the sum of all these details that makes the Codex a veritably mature loudspeaker – true to the Audio Physic motto: No loss of fine detail.

- Height: 1195 mm / 41.5"
- Width: 202 mm / 8.0"
- Depth: 370 mm / 14.6"
- Required space (W x D): 14.2" x 19.6"
- Weight: ~ 38 kg (Wood) ~ 44 kg (Glass version)
- Recommended amplifier power: 40-250 W
- Impedance: 4 Ohm
- Frequency range: 28 Hz - 40 kHz
- Sensitivity: 89 dB
- Tweeter: HHCT III
- Midrange: HHCM SL
- Midwoofer: 6.7" Alu Cone
- Woofer inside: 9.8" Paper Cone
- Accesories: Glass- and Fabric Grill Black, Spike Set


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