Atoll PH100

Atoll PH100

Phono Preamplifier MM/MC

Atoll PH100
Atoll PH100
Atoll PH100
Atoll PH100
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The Phono preamp. PH100 is an external module in a black steel chassis with a 4mm front panel (black or silver). Power supply is made up of 2 top-of-the-range transformers (one by channel) with very low noise as well as 4 voltage regulators. The unit is armoured in a metal box in order to preserve all interferences on the audio stages. The whole circuit uses only discrete components, it does not integrate any link condensator. The different setup (MM/MC, input impedance) are directly accessible from the back of the cabinet.

- Input Impedance: 47k ou 100k *
- Input Capacitors: 100 pF ou rien *
- Gain MM: 40 dB
- Gain MC High: 47 dB
- Gain MC Low: 60 dB
- THD: 0,05 %
- Supply: 7,2V
- SNR at 1kHz: 80dB
- Crosstalk at 1kHz: < -82dB
- Linearity (20Hz to 20kHz): < 0.1dB
- Weight: 2,5kg
- Dimensions: 320*220*65mm