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Atoll DR200 Signature

CD Transport

Atoll DR200 Signature
Atoll DR200 Signature
Atoll DR200 Signature
Atoll DR200 Signature
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Special optimized treatment in order to reduce the jitter
- TEAC CD drive designed with specific anti-vibration material
- Chassis treated against parasite vibrations

- Regulated supply with high current capacity dedicated to the mechanism
- Special low noise linear supply dedicated to digital stream
- LVDS circuit for digital format (high resolution treatment)
- Insulation of the digital signals with a specific 1:1 transformer dedicated to S/PDIF and AES/EBU signals.
- CD text
- Low consumption OLED display
- Accepted Disc : CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Formats : MP3-WMA-AAC

- Coaxial output
- Optical output
- AES/EBU output

All CD players are equipped with a serial remote that allows to control other ATOLL’s devices (Integrated, preamp, Tuner, DAC).
It also allows several basic functions of the CD player such as program, repeat, random, etc.