Artesania Audio Isolation Discs

Artesania Audio Isolation Discs

Beech Wood isolation discs to upgrade Exoteryc and Prestige racks

Artesania Audio Isolation Discs
299,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 247,11

Artesania Beech Wood Isolation Bases
Isolation bases adjustable on height to enhance the sound performance of any audio component (Speakers / Turntables / Electronics…) Exchangeable bases made out of Teflon, Neoprene or Beech wood depending on result desired.

Available on different diameters
- 100 mm (3.93 in) Exoteryc Base
- 60mm (2.36 in) Prestige Base
- 30mm (1.18 in) Isolator base.

Bases come with screw-in adapters (must be specified)
- 4mm (0.15 in)
- 6mm (0.23 in)
- 8mm (0.31 in)


ACCESSORIES Damping / Isolation