Analog Relax EX300

Analog Relax EX300

MC Phono Cartridge

Analog Relax EX300
Analog Relax EX300
Analog Relax EX300
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EX300 adapted newly developed “IF adhesive” technology for stronger integration of the stylus and cantilever, also the body housing consists of high-grade walnut that is often used to the neck, back and sides of a guitar and is shaving out from the solid wood.

Adoption of newly developed “IF adhesive” stylus tip fixation for precise and powerful sound
Previously, no attention was paid to fixing the stylus tip and cantilever. It’s natural because it is a world where is invisible to the naked eye. However, it is an undeniable fact that considerable pressure has been applied on the fixed part of the stylus tip and cantilever over a long period of time during playing a record. Therefore, reviewing the fixed part of stylus tip and cantilever was the starting point of this time development of EX300. What we found during the test was that although it is micro level, there is adverse effect on the sound due to wobbling at the junction of the stylus and cantilever. And the result of trial-and-error, we have developed new adhesive material and bonding procedure of “IF adhesive”. IF adhesive is a new adhesive method in which very fine diamond particles are mixed with a special adhesive to fill the space between the stylus tip and the cantilever hole. By integrating the stylus tip and cantilever firmly, it is possible that the amount of information and the presence can be improved dramatically.

Tone Wood for musical instruments Solid walnut used for body
We also obsessed about the wood material of the body housing for this time too as other models. The body housing of the EX300 adopted carefully selected from solid walnut, which is the tone wood used for the guitar. By using beeswax derived from nature for finishing, a deep color peculiar to walnut is created, which makes you feel even more excited. EX300 is suitable to payback any kind music category, it is characterized by sound precision and powerful sound reproduction with a solid foundation in the mid to low frequency range. It goes especially well with guitars made of the same wooden material.

- Coil: 6N high purity copper
- Cantilever: Aluminum
- Stylus: Elliptical pure diamond with IF adhesive bonding
- Body: Tone wood walnut shaving out of solid wood Beeswax finish
- Output voltage: more than 0.5mV (1KHz)
- Impedance: 15Ω
- Tracking force: 2.0 gram

All products are made by artisans within Japan.
The solid wood body is made with natural materials, there will be differences in color, grain, weight, etc. between products.
- The body color of the grains will change with age.