Analog Relax Emotional Lead Soul

Analog Relax Emotional Lead Soul

Vintage 1880-90's wire - 1940-50's solder with natural pine resin

Analog Relax Emotional Lead Soul
Analog Relax Emotional Lead Soul
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Selected vintage wires and polishing technology

Bringing you sounds that move the heart
When you listen to records, what do you listen to?

Do you just listen to sounds? Or do you listen to the music carved onto your records?
We are here to help you to enjoy and be moved by the music on your records.
The EMOTIONAL LEAD is a sublime shell lead wire that will provide a mind-blowing experience, releasing the likes of which you’ve never heard from your records.

Thorough wire polishing technology
EMOTIONAL LEAD was created using thorough polishing techniques. The wire surface, where solder is applied, is processed to a mirror finish using a variety of polishing techniques to match material of the wire, pushing the surface to the limit. The layer of solder alloy is controlled to ideal proportions to achieve the intended sound. Tamahagane blades, which were used for Japanese swords, are used for the polishing.

Two items in the product lineup
・EMOTIONAL LEAD <Gloss> AR-LW-EMOM1: This piece has the maximum in gloss, and is especially suitable for live instruments such as violin and piano, and vocals.
・EMOTIONAL LEAD <Soul> AR-LW-EMOS1: This piece provides thick, dense, powerful, and yet delicate sounds, making it ideal for high-end rock and jazz playback.
An additional shell lead wire is included in case of trouble during installation.
An additional shell lead wire is included in case of accidental wire breakage or other problems during installation. (The wire with the transparent coating on the terminal is the extra shell lead wire.)

Emotional Lead Soul AR-LW-EMOS1
This is a shell lead wire that selfishly tries to have both “power” and ” sensitivity” of sound in its hands.
When listening to rock or jazz music on a high-end audio system, are you ever frustrated with the resolution but not the power of the sound? We have developed this product to recommend to such high-end rock and jazz enthusiasts.
- Wire material: 1880s-90s vintage overseas made wire awg30 (diameter 0.25mm) Silk wound wire
- Solder material: 1940s-50s vintage solder, blend of solid solder and pine resin

All products are made by artisans within Japan.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.