Amix RMC75

Amix RMC75

Mixing desk - 7 channels + 1 DJ - 24 Inputs

Amix RMC75
Amix RMC75
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7 Channels + 1 DJ (mic/line input, 3 band equalizer volume, mute, on / off switch), 24 inputs, 3 balanced stereo outputs, 2 RCA recording outputs, Extension input, phones output, Mix in one ear and monitoring in the other, adjustable crossfade curve, 45 mm Crossfader with VCA°, 14 points Bargraph, an external power supply.

By channel
- Selected inputs : mic (switchable phantom power supply , line 1, line 2/Pu.
- 3 band equalizer (-35 dB, -30 dB, -35 dB), sensitivity control, voice over, effect, cue switch, start, assignable AFL / PFL on stereo output 3, vumeter, routing A & B crossfader, 100 mm Fader with VCA*.

*VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier): the sound doesn't flow through the potentiometer. This one controls an electric tension driving sound volume graduation. All of this makes the RMC75 a console with an incredible lifetime which will never ever let any cut, cracking nor chirping!

DJ dedicated channel
- Mic input switchable on line (HF mic or voice processing connection for instance)
- Triple correction bass, mid, hi
- Volume and switch ON/OFF plus a outside mute control (control room amplifier cut when mic interventions).

- Three balanced stereo outputs with independant volume.
- PFL and AFL are sendable to output3 when this one is used in control room foldback.
- 2 unbalanced recording outputs on RCA.
- A balanced extension input for external source connection (live console or itinerant DJ).
- 45 mm cross fader, VCA control, adjustable and reversable curve.
- Headphones outputs on front and back face
- Mixing in one ear and premonitoring on the other is possible
- Sensitivity and foldback time voice over control
- Vumeter 14 points bargraph for a better control
- Connector for external crossfade RXF 200 option. This RXF200 option includes the switch for commutation between external crossfade and table crossfade.

Available in 2 versions
‏- RMC75 P: Pro Potentiometer
‏- RMC75 S: Plastique track Potentiometer


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