AirTight ATM-1S
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AirTight ATM-1S

Stereo Power Tube Amplifier 4*6CA7 2*36W

AirTight ATM-1S
AirTight ATM-1S
8.500,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 7.024,79
Ultimate design for sonic immaculac
- Dependable orthodox configuration composed of highly acclaimed 6CA7 valves under Mullard phase inversion
- Hefty output headroom achieved by newly developed Hashimoto transformers boasting of 60W power handling capability
- Bias adjustment facilities for easy service accessibility
- No PCB in favour of point-to-point manual soldering with full OFC wires and copper-plated chassis

- Valves employed: 6CA7 × 4, 12AU7 × 2, 12AX7 × 1
- Rated output: 36W + 36W (8 ohms)
- Input sensitivity: 1V
- Input impedance: 100kohms
- Load Impedance: 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω Interchangeable by inner wiring. Set at 8Ωload when shipped from the factory.
- Features: input selector (2-ch), bias adjuster
- Dimensions: 368(W) × 293(D) × 231(H)mm
- Weight: 22kg