AirTight ATM-2001S

AirTight ATM-2001S

Reference Stereo Power Tube Amplifier 12*6550 2*180W

AirTight ATM-2001S
The Majestic
- Comfortable high power thanks to colossal output stage featuring 12 pcs. of 6550 beam valve
- Individually direct-coupled cathode-follower to ensure an optimum operation of each output valve
- Massive power supply employing huge EI power transformer
- 2 independent amps thus composed in UL configuration afford rich high power without load on each component
- Lavish employment of strictly select components of high performance & long durability

- Valves employed: 6550 × 12, 12BH7× 6, 12AX7× 2, 12AU7 × 2
- Rated output: 338W(8 ohms, mono) / 180W(8 ohms,stereo)
- THD: less than 1% at rated output
- Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz( 1dB)
- Input impedance: 100k ohms
- S/N ratio: 100dB
- Dimensions: power supply; 430(W) ×185(H) ×500(D)mm, amplifirer; 430(W) ×380(H) ×520(D)mm
- Weight: 65kgs(power supply),50kgs(amplifier)