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Acoustic System Tango

Floorstand Loudspeakers - per pair

Acoustic System Tango
Acoustic System Tango

Revolutionary three stages tension-pressure conversion technology.First stage = fixed driver with maximum tension on the cabinet, let all drivers produce maximum air pressure (energy) inside the enclosure. Second stage = use nature material (woods), breaking resonance material in use must be opposite to the driver’s material breaking resonance, so is free for use any good performance driver(s) to reach resonance frequencies we want . By placing these material at strategy point(s), they cancel the standing wave created by air pressure produced from drivers, and the density of material converse part of pressure into tension. This tension is very useful to equalize the pressure inside the mid & high driver’s compartments. Third stage = open some small ports (few mm) on & behind the cabinet to evacuate excess pressure. The precision of these ports are +/- half mm. . Advantage of this technology avoids using damping technique, any kind of (including air flow) damping technique will cause lost of harmonics & frequencies roll off, unwanted resonance etc. Tension/pressure conversion technique offer a well control enclosure, large frequencies extension produced by electronic system . Energy is completely recycled. So the speakers have no compression, no stress, and never aggressive. Give listener(s) maximum musical listening enjoyment.

Cabinet standard finish: rosewood
- 3 x 8” carbon woofer
- 1 x 5” carbon/paper Midrange
- 1 x 1” Silk dome tweeter

- Frequencies response = 18Hz ~25Khz +/- 3db with Silk dome tweeter
- Sensibility : 89db, with resonators + 3dbr Crossover Fq 280Hz & 2.8 Khz
- Nominal impedance : 5.6 ohm
- Dimension: With Topline feet & bottom plate 121cm H x 65cm D x 38 cm W - weight: 52 kg

- Tango E (with basic & silver resonator)
- Tango M (with basic , gold & silver resonator)
- Tango R (with basic + Gold & Platinum)
- Tango RD (as above with Diamond tweeter)