Acoustic System Special Gold

Acoustic System Sugar Cubes

Set of 17 pieces and one diffuser

Acoustic System Sugar Cubes
240,00 Price include 21% VAT Price exclude VAT € 198,35
- Give frequencies extension (open) by turning the sugar cube ( noise filter )
- Open by zone , turn slightly the left side sugar cube to left and right side to right only very few degree . Move slightly up or down of the centre noise filter for sound balance .
- Applications: All rooms.
- Effect: Improved musicality, faster and more thrilling mode, more coherent spectrum.

An ASI diffuser is a little sound body sandwich of two pieces of light maple with a washer of harder wood between. The body is hollowed out and a small hole connects the cavity to the outside. It is like a miniature Helmholtz resonator. Adjusting the alignment of the wood's grain left or right from straight up -- hence the dot -- focuses the image. At a budget-friendly price, the ASI sugar cubes are a very powerful room acoustic enhancer. It takes some effort to set up the grid but it gives the user unprecedented control over how the room responds as a major musical contributor.


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