Acoustic Revive RGC24 tripleC-FM

Acoustic Revive RGC24 tripleC-FM

Grounding Conditioner

Acoustic Revive RGC24 tripleC-FM
Principle and Structure
As for audio product, it is an ideal to get high quality grounding from the earth.A lot people have trouble getting grounding done, because of the environment where they live.Even grounding has been done, it is difficult to get good result because of low ground resistance.This could lead to countercurrent of noise and radio single on to the sound.Also, if there is an mistake in how dropping the ground from the equipment, there is a chance of ground loop and ham noise getting on to the audio signal. RGC-24 fixes chassis electrical current potential and electric field outbreak by virtual ground environment.This leads to stability in circuit moment, which improves sound. Inside the RGC-24 there is blend of natural ore, which has minus electrical current potential.Electrical current potential and electric field from the equipment travels through the attached cable and to inside of the RGC-24. Even in the environment where ground is already is been drawn, you can improve sound quality more by using RGC-24.

Blend of ore in main body of RGC-24
Attached cable uses same structure as the highest grade single core cable ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s single core cable structure is used on RGC-24`s attached cable.The cable is made of 2.6mm x 2.2mm oval shaped PCOCC-A single line, natural silk buffer material,flexible Teflon coating copper pipe and carbon paper SF tube (CSP) for superior conductivity,high shielding effect and excellent sound quality. High-grade rhodium plating banana plug RBN-1 is used on RGC side.On the audio equipment side,gold plated Y rug is used for perfect conductivity. Where there is no ground terminal, RCA connection possible too connection adapter IP-2  RGC-24 has a screw parts which connect to ground terminal of audio equipment. If there is no ground terminal on your equipment. it is possible to connect to RCA input or output terminal by using RCA connection adapter IP-2. This IP-2 is included in the RGC-24 package.

By having a excellent ground environment, circuit movement of the equipment becomes stable.This leads to remarkable improvement in S/N ratio and sound quality.In detail,no blur in sound image,clarity and 3D impression and actual feelings increases.Also,sound field spreads out and feeling of noise is swept away, improvement in depth and dynamic rage improves.Which relates to feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation expression. In addition, musical instrument and voice becomes smooth by feel of distortion decreases dramatically.

Data proven an effect of RGC-24
We used the Radiation Technology's electric field strength meter ELF-100E to measure the strength of electric field. The measured scale changes depending on equipment, but there is a definite decrease in electric filed strength. The system in this photograph, 900V/m was measured before connecting RGC-24 and 750V/m after connecting RGC-24.

Sound quality improves more in ground drawn environment too!
RGC-24 shows an effect even in the environment where high quality grounding is already been done.Also,it never generates outbreak of ground loop even you uses couple or more RGC-24.It just keeps improving S/N ratio and sound image more and more.