Acoustic Revive TB-38H

Acoustic Revive TB-38H

Power tap underboard for RTP4-EU

Acoustic Revive TB-38H
Acoustic Revive TB-38H
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A power distributor, a power supply box, a power generator or a noise-cut transformer directly placed on the floor or the carpet receives the vibration from the speakers and remarkably deteriorates the sound quality. Just by placing TB-38H under such the power supply equipment, you can isolate the vibration from the speakers and can achieve a wonderful sound improvement. Its effect is much more than the same when used for audio equipments such as CD players and amplifiers.

Superior vibration control structure
Top board of TB-38H made by the highest grade of Hickory, is floating on natural crystal particles. The crystal particles absorb and eliminate the vibration from the speakers by changing it into thermal energy and there is no vibration to the power supply equipment on TB-38. Consequently, it makes the power supply very stable and constant and the sound becomes more transparent and vivid.

Natural materials that make the sound organic and vivid
When artificial material such as a resin or a plastic is used for audio apparatus, it always generates some kind of artificial tone and quality in sound. As the resonance frequency of natural quartz used in TB-38H is far out of human’s audible frequency range, any incidental tone of the quartz crystal is not generated during the thermal conversion process. Besides, by using a highest grade Hickory top-board(Excellent in acoustical property), we could achieve very organic, smooth and vivid sound quality.


ACCESSORIES Damping / Isolation