Acoustic Revive RPC-1

Acoustic Revive RPC-1

Passive noise filter

Acoustic Revive  RPC-1
Acoustic Revive  RPC-1
Acoustic Revive  RPC-1
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The Acoustic Revive RPC-1 power conditioner is an epoch making product that can be called a new genre of power accessories that reduces and equalizes ultra-high frequency noise on the power path and dramatically improves the S/N ratio while also improving the feeling of energy and dynamism.

The unique circuit design is achieved by combining a special coil inside the RPC-1 that only removes the ultra-high frequency noise on the power supply path. No side effects like noise filters. RPC-1 does not use any parts such as capacitors and resistors, so there is no energy loss. For this reason, there are no side effects such as attenuation of energy and dynamism like a parallel type noise filter, and while improving the S/N ratio and transparency, the play has both the contradictory elements of improving energy and dynamism. Achieves a typical sound quality improvement effect.

The power plug, shield, cushioning material, and exterior are all made of high-quality materials, and various materials that further enhance the noise reduction effect are used to enhance the improvement effect. For this reason, it not only improves the S/N ratio and energy feeling, but also realizes a natural and vivid tone

RPC-1 is easy to use, just plug it into an available outlet. It is extremely effective when attached to a power strip or wall outlet that supplies power to audio equipment. Since RPC-1 works on all power paths in the home, it can be very effective even if it is installed in an empty outlet in the home, not in the audio room.

In particular, a power generator itself generates a large amount of high-frequency noise, so installing the RPC-1 in the output outlet of a clean power supply can be expected to have a tremendous effect.

- Contains a coil but no capacitors or resistors
- Cable length 37 cm
- Weight 1.3 kg
- Dimensions 17x17x8 cm


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