Acoustic Revive RLT-1K

Acoustic Revive RLT-1K

LAN Terminator

Acoustic Revive RLT-1K
Acoustic Revive RLT-1K
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Acoustic Revive RLT-1 LAN Terminator - New "K" revision

NEW "K" Version containing the special "Kiyoh-seki" material with ultra-high negative ion emission

Differences and improvements between old RPC-1-EU version and the new RPC-1K-EU

1. Kiyoh-seki was added to the blended natural ore.
2. Kiyoh-seki paint are painted inside.

- The LAN terminator RLT-1K is based on the X-terminator which has been developed by Mr. Takashi Kanai(The Sound subjectivity engineer of SONY) and was completed by adding our vibration suppression technology.
- The RLT-1K improves sound quality by noise control and the suppression of vibrations caused by network equipment.
- Dimensions: W12mm x H12mm(14.5mm incl. LAN lever H) x D71mm (incl. LAN connector)


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