Acoustic Revive RKI-5005

Acoustic Revive RKI-5005

Audio Insulator / set of 4

Acoustic Revive RKI-5005
Acoustic Revive RKI-5005
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Isolator with outstanding damping properties and it generates negative ions too!
With RKI-5005, Acoustic Revive introduces a completely new insulation material that adds a negative ion effect to the overwhelming damping properties. RKI-5005 was developed by using new materials optimized for thinner insulators. RKI-5005 uses a new silicon-based material that has been carefully studied for optimal hardness and viscosity. A groove with a geometric pattern on the surface dramatically improves vibration damping properties and can be used with everything from loudspeakers to amplifiers, music players, audio racks, etc., and can be combined with other insulators and shelves, cable insulators, and so on.

Acoustic Review imagines the RKI-5005 not only as the accessory that greatly absorbs vibrations but also as a passive device that can increase more silent operation of the components. Unlike traditional rubber soft insulators and spacers, no sonic damping of energy is engaged, making it easier to localize and dynamize a dense and clear sound image in a three-dimensional space. RKI-5005 is impregnated with a natural ore powder such as Guiyang stones and tourmaline combined with silicone-based new materials. All this adds to the damping properties. Kiyoseki and tourmaline create negative ions by plying pressure and when the pressure is further increased by the weight of the speakers or audio components the insulator will increase the performance of your audio system by emitting negative ions. Ishiguro firmly believes in how negative ions exert a significant effect on such charging inducing quality improvement effect in conjunction with the damping effect because the static electricity of the surface is removed.

The RKI-5005 is highly effective in its primary role, goes beyond the conventional concept as an insulator. It can be applied to the top surface of a component where it will provide a dampening effect and furnish quality improvement through the negative ion effect. When used, the geometric pattern with the grooved side must face upwards when used. With a diameter of 50 mm and his 5 mm thickness, it's not too large and can be used in many places.

- Base or feet for equipment and loudspeakers
- New silicon-based material, with optimum hardness and viscosity
- Create negative ions
- Price per piece, economical set of 4 pieces available
- Weight 13 gram
- Dimensions Ø 50x5 mm

"It will turn out then that the RKI-5005 bring refinement and calmness to the sound, in a very similar way to the aforementioned mat. The differences in this case are perhaps not that big, but considering the price of the pads, it's hard not to notice that this is the cheapest way to improve the sound of any audio product equipped with feet." "The sound is slightly lower and deeper with them. The treble seems slightly stronger, but this is rather due to their better definition, not emphasis. As I say—the changes are so clear and so consistent with the sound of the system that it is hard to imagine that someone would not even try them out. I am sure that after such a test you will feel obliged to buy a few more sets—our audio systems really need it ..."
Wojciech Pacuła,


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