Acoustic Revive RIO-5II

Acoustic Revive RIO-5II

Negative Ion Generator

Acoustic Revive RIO-5II
Acoustic Revive RIO-5II
Acoustic Revive RIO-5II
Acoustic Revive RIO-5II
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Sound and vision dramatically improved
Tourmaline is widely known to absorb electric current as the human and other living bodies. There are reports that tourmaline has the effect of improving water quality, the release of infrared rays and other effects. One of the effects that we paid attention to is that tourmaline releases negative ions, which are the same as those released naturally in the world. These natural negative ions size is 10000 times smaller compared with negative ion produced electrically. Natural negative ions penetrate more easily into human body and other material, compared with electrically made negative ions.

How to use: place the CD and DVD etc. on top of RIO-5 II, and press the red button. This will run the electric fan about for 8 seconds, which irradiates the surface with natural negative ions on to the disc. Other than negative ions, RIO-5 II also emits infrared rays which activate the surface of the disc and improves the transmission of the laser beam to the disc.

After treating both sides of a disc, the sound and picture quality will be dramatically improved. S/N ratio and dynamic range are improved and all instruments and vocals become vivid fresh. On the picture, it gives depth and excellent color contrast. Incidentally, a higher effect is provided when you use RIO-5II together with a disc demagnetizer.

- Tourmaline based negative ion generator
- Improves performance of all optical discs
- Generates negative ions and infrared rays
- Power consumption 40 W
- Weight 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
- Dimensions Ø145x200 mm


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