Acoustic Revive RGC-24K

Acoustic Revive RGC-24K

Grounding System

Acoustic Revive RGC-24K
Acoustic Revive RGC-24K
Acoustic Revive RGC-24K
Acoustic Revive RGC-24K
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Ultimate ground that dramatically improves your A/V system
As for an audio product, it is an ideal to get high quality grounding from the earth. A lot of audiophiles have trouble with their ground connection, because of the environment where they live. Even when grounding has been done, it is difficult to get good results because of a high ground resistance. This could lead to a noise voltage on your ground and the unwanted reception of radio signals which interferes with your sound and vision. Also, if the equipment grounding is done wrong, there is a chance of creating a ground loop and hum noise getting on to the audio signal. RGC-24 fixes chassis electrical potential and electric field leakage by a virtual ground environment.

It should be placed under or on top of the component treated, near the power supply. This leads to stability in the circuit, which improves sound quality. Inside the RGC-24 there is blend of natural ore, which has a negative electrical potential. Electrical potential and electric fields from the equipment travels through the attached cable to the RGC-24. Even in case a ground is present already, you can further improve sound and vision quality by using the RGC-24.

The attached cable uses the same structure as the highest grade single core cable. The cable is made of 2.6x2.2 mm oval shaped PCOCC. A single line, natural silk buffer material, flexible Teflon coating copper wire and carbon paper SF tube (CSP) is employed for superior conductivity, high shielding effect and excellent sound quality. A high-grade rhodium plated banana plug RBN-1 is used on RGC side. On the audio equipment side, a gold plated spade is used for perfect conductivity. If there is no ground terminal on your equipment it is still possible to connect it to an RCA input or output terminal by using the RCA connection adapter IP-2. The IP-2 is included in the RGC-24 package.

Effect: By having an excellent ground environment, circuit drift of the equipment becomes less noticeable. This leads to a remarkable improvement in signal to noise (S/N) ratio and sound quality. In detail, there is no blur in the sound image, clarity, 3D impression and actual feelings all increase. Improvement in depth and dynamic range is also achieved, which relates to a feeling of throbbing pulse and intonation expression. In addition, musical instruments and voices become smooth by the sense of dramatically decreased distortion.

Measurements proved an effect of RGC-24: we used the Radiation Technology's electric field strength meter ELF-100E to measure the strength of the electric field. There is a definite decrease in electric field strength.

Sound quality improves even when proper grounding has been applied. All commercial Japanese equipment (for instance, but not limited to Marantz and Denon) cannot be grounded by means of its power cord, because the earth pin in the IEC inlet is missing. Also, it never generates outbreak of ground loop even if you use a couple of RGC-24s. It just keeps improving S/N ratio and sound image more and more.

- Ideal ground improves sound & vision quality
- New version - far better than its predecessor
- Length earthing cable 50 cm
- RCA plug connection adapter included
- Weight 384 gram
- Dimensions 88x18 mm