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Sutherland PH3D

Phono Preamp, Battery Powered (Finish Black)


Ron Sutherland’s at it again – introducing his third phono preamp. The Ph3D brings the virtues of a battery-powered phono stage to an even more affordable price point. Sutherland’s new design can be considered an introduction to high-end or a final destination – the Ph3D comfortably plays both roles. By focusing on the essential elements of “high end” values, Sutherland was able to make design decisions that deliver “high end” character and good value for the money. Everything Sutherland’s designed has resulted in rave reviews from throughout the Hi-Fi editorial community. The Ph3D is destined to be yet another classic. But don’t take our word for it.


Gain Settings
40 dB
45 dB
50 dB
55 dB
60 dB

Cartridge Loading
100 ohms
200 ohms
1k ohms
10k ohms
47k ohms
17" wide
2 ½" high
12" deep

9 lbs. net
12 lbs. shipping

Battery Life
1,200 hours (actual power on time)
- Low Battery Indicator
- All Steel Shielded Enclosure

€ 1095.00