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Sutherland Hubble

Phono Preamp, Battery Powered (Finish Silver)

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The new Sutherland Hubble phono preamplifier is an instrument for discovery and exploration. With it, you can look deeply into the most subtle details of your treasured music collection. From any view point, the dove-tailed integration of aesthetics, performance, and technology will affirm your choice to include it in your music system. It will earn your respect as a long-term, collaborative teammate. Even before you listen to the Hubble, you will recognize the correctness of its character. The substantial size and weight are the first indications of its enduring build quality. But its svelte proportions, along with an uncluttered elegance, also speak of craftsmanship -- pride of ownership.


Gain settings
45 dB
50 dB
55 dB
60 dB

Cartridge Loading
100 ohms
200 ohms
475 ohms
1k ohms
4.75k ohms
47.5k ohms

17” wide
3.25” high
16.75” deep

Weight (without batteries)
22 lbs. net
27 lbs. shipping

Power Requirements
16 Alkaline ‘D’ cells
Battery Life 1,000 hours
(actual power-on time)

€ 3995.00