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Sumiko S.10

Active Subwoofer


The S.10 is the flagship of the S Series. It is built for those who require higher power and deeper reach from a subwoofer, but with even greater definition and musicality than our smaller models. The S.10 is powered by an ultra high current 500 watt, Class D amplifier. With a 1-kilowatt peak, the S.10 can deliver striking dynamics with ease. An all-new 12-inch driver has been developed with fiberglass sandwich construction, coupled to a 12-inch passive radiator of identical material. This allows the S.10 to reach the lowest frequencies with transient control that is simply not found elsewhere in passive radiator designs. The new Sumiko WRX Wireless Receiver is built into S.10, providing the same connectivity as the traditional wired setup. One or more Sumiko S.10 subwoofers in your system will transform your listening experience into a spectacular, life-like engagement that will keep you in your seat song after song, scene after scene – all at a very reasonable price.

- Type: Passive radiator, bass-reflex loaded, down-firing woofer
- Drive unit: 1 x 320mm (12”) very long throw, fiberglass sandwich construction honeycomb, wide rubber surround woofer
- Passive tuning unit: 1 x 320mm (12”) very long throw, fiberglass sandwich construction honeycomb, wide rubber surround
- Amplifier Type: High linearity Class D
- Power amplifier: 500 W rms, 1 kW peak
- Frequency response (in room)@-6dB/@-3dB From 22/30 Hz to Fc (Fc user adjustable)
- Mains input voltage: Factory selected,120Vac - 60Hz or 230 Vac - 50 Hz

System protection
- Output signal short circuit
- Over-heating
- DC fault

- Independent Line and LFE volume controls;
- Continuously adjustable Crossover frequency(30 to 120Hz), filter slope 24dB/oct;
- Signal phase inversion switch (0/180°)

Additional features
- Auto switch-on/off (deselectable)
- Pairing button

Audio signal inputs
- LFE (Low Frequency Effect) signal, phono plug;
- Line level signal, single phono plug;
- High level signals, Neutrik 4-pole Speakon©
- RF signal

- RF receiver sensitivity: -90 dB
- RF link coverage: 10m indoor range
- Power consumption: >= 0.5 W (Stand-by)
- Rated power: 650W
- Finish: Gloss White or Piano Black
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 40 x 44,5 x 45 cm (including feet)
- Weight: 29 Kg - net weight, 64 lbs - net weight

€ 1999.00