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SSC Twinbase

1 piece


The construction consists of two wooden plates with the SSC anti-vibration technology working between the plates.
The SSC technology is designed to remove the impact of vibration induced distortion in audio and A/V equipment, the 'string suspension' technology does this to a high degree and most audio and A/V equipment benefit from the use of SSC products:
- CD-players
- Amplifiers
- Turntables
- Loudspeakers
- Tube electronics

They all benefit hugely from being placed on the SSC Component Base.
The SSC TWINBASE can also be used for solving 'booming' problems with sub-woofers and will enhance the sound of floor standing speakers. It is possible to use the SSC TWINBASE in metal or glass HiFi racks, in wooden side boards or on the floor. In each case the SSC TWINBASE will support and improve the sound with better dynamics, more grip and presence in the bass and better overall coherence through the tonal range. The SSC technology is able to give a feeling of relaxation and of reduced distortion, a greater sense of body to instrumental images and a wider variety of tonal colours. The dimension of this Base is able to support most of the standard measurements of audio components.

- Load carrying : 120 kg
- Measurements : W x D x H in mm : 440 x 360 x 48
- Design : Black, white, silver or beech.

€ 370.00