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SSC Liftpoint 1.6

1 piece

These SSC feet have an overall height of 16 or 35 mm and are continuously variable in its height. The setting range is approx. 7 or 10 mm and therefore sufficient to provide a level stand on uneven floors.These massive equipment feet are particularly suited for a placement under turntables,amplifiers, subwoofers, or floor speakers which are operated in a hifi-rack or on ground level. With the enclosed M6 and M8 threaded adaptors your devices may be screwed directly to or simply placed upon the SSC LIFTPOINT 1.6 / 3.5, if required. The solid design of this equipment feet does justice even to top-class audio components and, combined with the SSC string technology, it brings a better balance and more tranquility into the sound image, creating a more detailed reproduction and a noticeable improvement of spatiality. It’s up to the user’s discretion to use either three or four feet.

€ 59.00