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SSC Bowers & Wilkins - Floorbases

Floorbases 800 Series - Black / set of 2


The gear bases from SSC for all audio com ponents are known as highly efficient decoupling modules and have been used successfully for years. All of these SSC bases have the same principle of function and are tailor-made for the respective loudspeaker cabinet. The SSC bases for the B&W NAUTILUS series were frequently recommended by German hifi magazines as problem solvers and their positiv e sound qualities evaluated in an explicitly positive way. The SSC textile elements are placed between the two MDF slabs where they produce their effect through pressure and counter pressure upon the integrated SSC elements. The decoupling effect of the SSC string technology dissipates the mechanical energy, thereby creating a more detailed sound image with enhanced dynamics. The result is a better spatial reproduction and improved dynamics in the fundamental range. The loudspeakers of new B&W NAUTILUS “D“ series may also be put on an SSC base, of course. The bases have the same dimensions as the footprint of the cabinets, so they will fit perfectly and form an extra pedestal. Even when room conditions are changing, which will entail a change of the acoustic image, the SSC bases are a good problem solver to improve your sound. Furthermore the bases will also protect against pressure marks on the floor caused by the speaker feet. With models 801 and 802 the wheels of the Nautilus cabinets will rest in the design a tedrecesses, hence the loudspeakers will sit flat on the SSC bases and cannot roll away. Models 800, and 803 are simply placed on the SSC bases.

€ 1000.00