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Sonos Boost

Unparalleled wireless reliability or create a Home Theater setup


No matter the strength of your Internet connection at home, rock-solid wireless is our standard. That’s why – alongside making Sonos even easier to get started last month with our new WiFi setup – we also introduced the SONOS BOOST. Now available globally, BOOST is our most powerful wireless accessory, built to keep the music playing in even the most challenging WiFi conditions, no matter where you want to put a speaker in your home. Similar to the BRIDGE, BOOST connects directly to your router to create a dedicated network, allowing all your Sonos speakers and components to talk to each other, with up to 50% greater wireless range. In addition to expanding the reach of your system, BOOST’s three internal antennas help neutralize any interference from other consumer electronics that might typically cause dropouts. While a wired connection to the router is optional for multi-room music listeners, those connecting speakers as part of a home theater setup need BOOST or BRIDGE (or another component wired to the router) to ensure your TV picture and sound stay perfectly in synch.


Enterprise-Grade Performance.
Boost Is The Most Powerful Wireless Product We’ve Ever Built, And Offers Comparable Wireless Broadcast Power To Expensive Enterprise-Grade Wifi Routers That Are Typically Found In Large Offices And Corporate Campuses.

Uniform Wireless Coverage
Boost Offers Three Wireless Antennae That Broadcast 360-Degree Signals Through Walls And Ceilings For Flawless Coverage Even To The Most Remote Room In Your Home.

Overcome Any Wireless Obstacle
Boost Neutralizes Interference From Wireless Devices That Can Wreak Havoc On Your Network Like Cordless Phones, Baby Monitors And Other Household Appliances. 


Hifi Sound And Rock-Solid Wireless
Experience Your Favorite Music From The Only Wireless Music System That Combines Warm, Full-Bodied Hifi Sound With The Most Powerful Solutions For Delivering Rock-Solid Wireless Performance In Any Home.

Stream All The Music On Earth
A Single App Lets You Play Your Entire Music Library, Stream All Of Your Favorite Music Services And Tune In To More Than 100,000 Internet Radio Stations And Podcasts. Play The Same Song In Every Room, In Perfect Sync—Or Play Different Music In Every Room—From Any Source.

Simple To Set-Up, Control, And Expand.
Control Your Favorite Music Sources And Listening Experience With A Free App For Ios, Android, Mac Or Pc. And Since It Is A Modular System, You Can Easily Add Music To More Rooms With A Simple Button Press.

€ 119.00