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Shun Mook Tube Resonators V.R.

Mini-Vakve Resonators (VR) - 4 pieces

The Shu Mook Valve Resonators are designed to enhance the performance of miniature electron tubes.
The main function are:
- Reduces total harmonic distortion
- Damping of tube glass resonance and ringing
- Filters electromechanically vibrations.
- Adds rich musical harmonics to its output signal.

The Shun Mook VRs are made from African Mpingo Ebony treated with a proprietary process that allows for maximum resonance of its musical energy spectrum. Application is simply by placement of a VR on top a signal tube of a pre-amp, power-amp, or DAC UNITS. The improvement is immediate with a cleanup of the sound field, sharpening of the imaging and increased dynamic transient energy. The sound stage will become wide and deep with better separation of the musical components plus a pronounced increase in inner details. The result is like turning your ordinary brand signal tubes to a high-grade low noise name brand tube with increase warmth and sweetness to your music.

€ 329.00