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Scandyna The Ball

Design Subwoofer / piece


The ball stands out of the crowd from today’s square subwoofers. We, at Podspeakers, have proved again with the ball that we dare to be different. You will appreciate its exquisite smooth and curvy design. The ball is modish and still classic. Compact and easy place-able, and with its 60 Watt RMS Class D, still powerful enough for most – and the ball comes with remote control for your comfort. The ball is specially designed for use with Scandyna products - not only to give you outstanding detailed deep bass but also to please your eyes for many years to come. Scandyna recommends to use the ball together with the following Podspeaker products: Minipod S, Minipod, Minipod L, The drop and Micropod SE together with The amp, The v dock, The dock and Micropod SE Active.

- Colours Red, White, Black.
- Power 60 Watt Class D
- Shape Abs enclosure conceived to compliment the drop, the Minipod or the Micropod SE
- Voltage 100-240 VAC
- LED light Power on, standby, mute
- Inputs Stereo RCA Jack
- Drive unit 6 ½ “ long throw – 4 layer woofer
- Frequency minus 3 dB at 48 Hz, minus 6 db at 40 Hz.
- Input sensitivity Input @ 100Hz 200mVrms; 1.5% @ rate power
- S/N (rated power) >70dB
- THD <0.3% @ 1 Watt, 1.5% @ rate power output
- Functions Cross-over frequency adjust range 40Hz to 140Hz variable, phase: 0dg or 180dg (switchable), digital volume control (360 dg type)
- Remore Control: Volume, mute, on/off
- Protections hort-circuit protection, over current protection, over temperature protection
- Dimensions With spikes Width: 320mm Height: 220mm Depth: 320mm


€ 499.00