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Scandyna MiniPod 5.1 System

Speakersystem for hifi stereo, receivers and minisystems / set


MiniPod 5.1 System consists of
2 x MiniPod Frontspeakers
2 x MiniPod Rearspeakers
1 x CinePod Centrespeaker
1 x BassStation Subwoofer

MiniPod Frontspeakers & Rearspeakers
A design icon and the model that started it all, the MiniPod is one of the world’s most recognised loudspeakers. Since its launch in the early 1990’s, the MiniPod had set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional box designs. Performance this good combined with the looks to match, make the MiniPod MK2 one of the world’s finest monitors and we are sure that it will continue to be an icon in years to come. The MiniPod MK2 comes supplied with Sputnik spike. 

- Colours White, black, matt black, red, yellow
- System 2-way bassreflex
- Applications Hi-Fi stereo, AV-Home Theatre systems
- Amplifier requirement 10 - 100Watt at 8 Ω
- Nominal impedance 4 Ω
- Frequency range 55 - 22.000 Hz ( ± 3dB )
- Sensitivity 90dB spl ( 2.83V / 1m )
- Drive units 1 x 5” ( 125mm ) woofer with Kevlar™ cone 1 x 1” ( 25mm ) sofr dome tweeter
- Weight 2.3 kg/ piece ( without spikes )
- Dimensions Width 210mm Height 340mm ( 440mm with spikes ) Depth 200mm 
- Accessories Wallbracket ( Aluminum spikes included )

CinePod Centre speaker
Designed to be used in expanding or creating a multi-channel audio system, the CinePod is the voice box of the Scandyna family. The most important loudspeaker in a home theatre system, the centre channel is responsible for around 70% of any movie soundtrack, so it has to be capable, agile and responsive. Made to the same exacting standards and voiced to match the other speakers in the Scandyna range, the CinePod features the same drive unit technology as the MiniPod IIs and perfectly exemplifies the need for true tonal balance when building a Scandyna home theatre system. The CinePod can be positioned on a shelf, placed on a desktop or television. When combined with any of the Scandyna range, the CinePod adds the finishing touch to a truly breathtaking home theatre system.

- System 2-way bassreflex
- Applications Centre speaker in AV-Home Theatre systems
- Amplifier requirement 10 - 200Watt at 8 Ω
- Nominal impedance 4 - 8 Ω
- Frequency range 28 - 22.000 Hz ( ± 3dB )
- Sensitivity 91dB spl ( 2.83V / 1m )
- Drive units 2 x 5” ( 125mm ) woofer with Kevlar™ cone 1 x 1” ( 25mm ) soft dome tweeter
- Weight 4.5 kg ( without spikes )
- Dimensions Width 430mm Height 250mm Depth 230mm
- Accessories Wallbrackets aluminum spikes

BassStation Subwoofer
Bass is emotive and always underpins any system. The BassStation with its 150 watt class D amplifier and 250mm long throw drive unit creates more emotions than most. It reproduces deep, clear notes that can be both subtle as part of a symphony or impressive as part of a movie soundtrack. Standing on four ‘Sputnik’ spikes and with beautiful soft cylindrical curves, the BassStation looks as impressive as it sounds. Easy to position and set up, the BassStation is compatible with all amplifiers, with subwoofer output. To save energy where necessary, the BassStation operates on an automatic standby function, which saves electricity when it is not in use. The perfect accompliment for any of the Scandyna range of loudspeakers, the BassStation will integrate into any space and enhance the performance for a truly compelling listening experience.

- System Active subwoofer, bassreflex
- Applications Stereo and AV-Home Theatre systems
- Amplifier output 150Watt RMS, Class D
- Frequency range 40 - 120 Hz ( variable )
- Power supply 115 - 230 VAC ( Auto Standby )
- Drive units 10” ( 250mm ) woofer, 4 layer voice coil
- Inputs Line in, RCA phonoplugs L/R
- Functions Volume, variable frequency range, variable phase 0-180° ( switch ) power on/off ( switch )
- Weight 11,2 kg/ piece
- Dimensions Width 348mm Height 529mm Depth 348mm

€ 2499.00