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Mystère IA21

Integrated Tube Amplifier


You’ve fallen in love with the dazzling appearance and captivating tube sound of Mystère’s ia11 but you want more; more power, more dynamics, more flexibility. The ia21 is designed specifically for you. With larger, more powerful transformers, the ia21 delivers 50 watts per channel that sound like 100. Coupled with Mystère’s pentode, push-pull design, ia21’s sonics strike you immediately as smooth but lively, with rich tones, snappy transients and a stunningly lifelike soundstage. Flexibility comes with an advancement to Mystère’s proprietary Adaptive AutoBias board. Our engineers have developed a special circuit that re-calibrates the board for EL34s or KT88s. One flick of a switch allows you to run either tube at its optimal level. It’s now fifth-grader easy to experiment with power tubes, gently nudging the amp’s sound in different directions. The ia21 utilizes the same high-quality point-to-point wiring, dual-layer, polypropylene caps, low-noise resistors and high-purity copper conductors as its little brother. Top it off with our 24-step volume attenuator and soft-start circuitry that prolongs the life of the tubes and other critical components and you’ve got an integrated amp that will remain a centerpiece in any system for years to come.

- Power output 50Watts x 2 @ 8Ohm 1%thd 
- Bandwidth 4hz-80khz +/- 0.3db @ 1w, 9hz-52khz +/- 1db @ 50w 
- Noise <-90db wtd-a 
- Gain 30db (31.1x) at max volume 
- Distortion 0.05% @ 1w, 0.2% @ 10w, 1% @ full power 50w 
- Consumption 230w max 
- Net weight 27 kg 
- Dimensions 16.9" x 7.9" x 16.4" (wxhxd)
- Tubes: 4 x 6sn7 and 4 x kt88 or el34


€ 2625.00