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Müller Möbel KB 323-1

Classic Line Audio furniture


The Classic Line models are an assured statement which goes beyond trends and fashion. They stand on their own merits, providing highlights that characterise your living and working environment - elegant, with a clear message, functional and solid. This furniture is durable, including its looks. Our earlier designs such as bar cabinets, writing desks and glass display cases still look as timelessly modern as the latest models of the Classic Line. They will delight you. Again and again.

Colors and Material
Our Classic Line furniture are made out of 1-3 mm strong sheet steel. For the paint, we use acrylics developed in the automotive industry. This gives the surface a high gloss, and at the same time makes them hard-wearing and easy to care for. 
The colour palette, in all RAL tones, allows our furniture to be matched with the widest possible range of spaces.


323-91 metallic colour + 125€
323-71 pearl colour + 200€

323-0-10 interior lighting + 100€

323-0-13 with castors + 100€

323-0-15 additional glass shelf middle compartment + 50€
323-0-16 additional glass shelf side compartment + 20€

323-0-50 built-in 30 litres refrigerator + 500€

“Please specify desired RAL color in memofield”

€ 2216.00