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Miyajima KSW

MC stepup transformer


This stepup transformer "KSW" was produced exclusively for Kansui,Shilabe,Waza.
It is the stepup transformer which is ideal for a stereo cartridge of Miyajima-Lab.
KSW removed the extra functions such as selectors to improve sound quality.

- KSW is installed in a beautiful TEAK case.
- The calking material is "paraffin"
- Highest grade core material, permalloy 80 for the core of the transformer is used.
- The front button is a demagnetization function.

When several months pass, a stepup transformer and the cartridge are magnetized.
The demagnetizer short-circuits in OUT of the transformer.
It does demagnetization of a transformer and a cartridge by a voice signal of the interchange.

- Input: 16ohm
- Output Impedance: 47k ohm
- Voltage up ratio: 28.5dB About 27 times
- Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
- Demagnetizer: Demagnetizer for both a cartridge and a transformer
- Dimension: W150 H85 D180
- Weight: 1.3kg

€ 3000.00