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Loricraft PRC6

Record Cleaner with acrylic cover


The "King" of all professional Record cleaners!
Loricraft are one of the very few record cleaning machines to offer genuine freedom from re-contaminating records during the cleaning process  - The PR6 includes a number of significant advantages over other brands, such as more reliable suction for thorough cleaning and quietness of operation. Low noise levels may not sound major but sitting beside the noise that many machines make while they clean records soon becomes unpleasant and intrusive.These are one of the only cleaners to clean just a few grooves at a time which translates into a more thorough cleaning operation. It is also probably more gentle on the record surface than other methods. The PRC 6 has the largest pump with the lowest noise level which can occupy a box which is only slightly taller than that used for the other models.

€ 2495.00