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Loricraft PRC3

Record Cleaner



The PRC 3 Mk 4 performs as well as our original PRC 1 of 15 years ago. That machine would cost at least double the PRC 3 price if made now. Finish and performance are simplified whilst keeping faithful to the PRC design . A special custom made pump unique to Loricraft made this possible .The original model PRC3 was set at 13 litres per minute. The latest model is 16.5 litres per minute, which is very close to the optimum figure.

How is the Loricraft different?
1. The PRC3 uses an expensive European industrial vacuum motor that can run 24 hours a day without overheating. The vacuum system is so quiet you may enjoy playing your records while cleaning others, and you will not wake up the neighbors when the PCR3 is working. Instead of attempting to clean the record in one pass, as the other machines do, the Loricraft has a vacuum arm similar to a phono tone arm that glides over the record. One side of the record is cleaned in less than a minute. The vacuum arm is driven by a separate motor assembly using a clever coupling system.

2. The nylon nozzle tip of the vacuum arm does not touch the record. A fine filament nylon thread threads through the center of the arm and nozzle that allows the arm to lie very close the record. This un-calendared thread acts as a "ski" to support the arm and keep it a small fraction of an inch from the record. In fact, the distance is the thickness of the 30 gauge thread. Terrific suction is developed at the nozzle because of this proximity effect. To illustrate this, use your home canister vacuum cleaner. Remove any attachments from the hose and, while the cleaner is running, slowly move the hose close to the palm of your other hand. As you approach contact, the air velocity will dramatically increase and you will feel the powerful suction. That's how the Loricraft vacuum arm works. It is high intensity, local suction that is not distributed over the whole record (globally). The arm will "ride" up the rim of the record to assure the beginning track of the record is perfectly cleaned.

3. The vacuum arm is adjusted to about 2.5 grams pressure. A phono tone arm pressure gauge may be used to adjust the exact weight of the arm. The vacuum arm is easily removed from the brass holding cylinder on the plinth by pulling it straight up. The arm drive motor has a circular magnet attached to its shaft that mates to a circular magnet on the bottom of the arm assembly. This permits easily moving the vacuum arm without any damage to the motor, through this unique coupling method. The suction nozzle adjusts automatically to records of any thickness including the new 180 gram audiophile releases.

4. The turntable platter moves at 80 RPM which exposes the maximum surface of the record to the moving vacuum arm. The record is absolutely dry because of this action.

5. Before cleaning another record pull out a ¼ inch of fresh thread from the thread feed tube. This assures clean thread is in contact with the record and will not transfer contamination from the last cleaning. The excess USED thread is sucked into the fluid vacuum tube and is deposited in the USED fluid reservoir jar.

6. The top cover of the PRC3 is made of a tough acrylic material that makes cleaning extremely easy. If you splash cleaning fluid on the machine, simply wipe it up with a tissue.

7. The three control switches on the top panel (Turntable, Arm, and Pump) are jacketed with a rubber cover to keep fluids from corroding the metal switches.

8. A "spent" cleaning fluid reservoir jar is attached to the side of the machine by an expandable strap. This makes removal very easy in order to dispose of the fluid. The fluid level is clearly visible and the bottle should be "dumped" every month or so, depending on frequency you use the cleaning machine.
9. The nylon thread spool contains 100 yards of media (the length of a football field) and, with ¼ inch used per record, should last for thousands of record cleanings. Only clean thread should touch the record.

10. A Nylon bristle brush (to drive the fluid into the grooves until fully wetted), and a spool of nylon thread it furnished with each system. Why nylon? It's anti-static!

11. Any of the popular record cleaning solutions that work with other brand machines may be used with the Loricraft System. We include a free bottle of the SMART microgroove record cleaning solution with each machine to sample.

- Cleans any size record including 16 inch ET (Electrical Transcriptions) 
- Effectively cleans warped and rippled records. 
- Superior cleaning of modern records with raised rim on the outside edge of the record. 
- No contamination of record from debris and chemicals from last records cleaned. 
- Inexpensive replacement of the medium. One spool of thread lasts for thousands of cleanings. 
- Very quiet European industrial grade vacuum pump. 
- Absolutely no damage to your valuable records. 
- Separate control switches for turntable motor, vacuum arm, and vacuum pump. 
- European craftsmanship. Made is the U.K. Full 5-year limited warranty in the U.S. by SMART Devices, Inc. No need to return the machine to England for any necessary repairs. Parts stocked at our service center.
- Equals or exceeds the performance of professional record cleaners that are 3 times the price.
- Finish:Industrial Matt Black

€ 1795.00