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Living Voice Vox Olympian/Vox Elysian

Loudspeaker, build on demand


A marque of excellence.
The Vox Olympian is our most recent and single-minded horn design to date, taking this venerable technology into new uncharted territory. The Vox Olympian transports you to the time and place of the original musical performance, a huge ‘walk-in’ three- dimensional sound world, with radiant tonality and natural dynamic energy. It is a captivating, otherworldly musical experience that completely transcends the here and now. The unique organic shape and noble materials evoke the golden age of empirical science; the spirit of the gentleman explorer; an outward looking, optimistic era when anything was considered possible. The physical quality of the Vox Olympian radiates these values and resolves form and function seamlessly into a sculptural, harmonious whole. Made exclusively by hand in England, each pair of cabinets takes 5 skilled artisans 2,000 man hours to build; 1,400 hours for the cabinets alone and 600 hours for the bronze, silver and gold work – executed with absolute attention to detail.

Is this the world’s best loudspeaker?
In truth, it’s not for us to say, we prefer to leave it for others to judge.