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Living Voice OBX-R2

Living Voice OBX-R2

Loudspeaaker (OBX = Outboard Crossover = Outside Filter)

This model takes the Auditorium Series to its ultimate conclusion. The Avatar OBX-R contains every possible refinement and detail. Hand made with meticulous attention to detail, it is uncompromised by production engineering constraints. Crossover filters are star earthed and suspended in two external cases allowing idealised component orientation, spacing and isolation. The Avatar OBX-R provides unrivalled insight and pleasure.

“The proof is in the listening – the music you love, whatever it may be, gets that bit more engrossing when you here it through these speakers” “They’ll turn you into the raving music nut that got you started in the first place” HFC December 1999

Technical Summary
750 density hardwood composite enclosure. 
Book matched premium veneers.
Scanspeak Revalator D990000 high frequency unit. 
External suspended crossovers.
Components toleranced to two decimal places. 
Stiff triple braced cabinet.
High sensitivity D’appolito configuration. 
Star earthing.
Clarostat non-inductive wire wound resistors. 
Hand wound air core inductors.
Hovland discrete film & foil Musicaps.

- Loading Reflex port
- Sensitivity 94dB 
- Frequency Response 35 Hz-22.5kHz 
- Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
- Power Handling 100 watts
- Dimensions 104x22x28cm (HXWXD)
- Dimensions Crossover box 12x42x26cm (HXWXD) 
- Weight 20 kg


€ 8200.00