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Living Voice G8 Isolation Table

Build on demand and to customers wishes


The Living Voice G8 was originally designed and developed to allow the use of high performance valve electronics in the saloons of super-yachts.That the G8 exceeds the rigorous demands of a nautical application makes it the ideal choice for a cost no object, ‘belt and braces,’ domestic installation. It is built to a peerless standard using the finest materials. The ultimate equipment table for the ultimate music system. Living Voice G8 is the apotheosis of energy isolating equipment table design. Its massive main base plate and chassis is purpose cast in LG2 bronze. LG2 is comprised of 85% copper, 5% zinc, 5% lead and 5% tin and as such displays mechanical and electrical properties that make it the ideal material for this application. The LG2 bronze base plate provides a very low centre of gravity and is also effective at rejecting radio and high frequency energy. The rigid 3 level monocoque shelving assembly is decoupled from the main chassis and floats freely as a unit on an adjustable three-axis elastomeric suspension system. This dynamic suspension system is housed within the three purpose cast bronze box section upright legs. The suspension system is adjustable, and when deployed in a nautical environment features excursion limiters and storm locks. The 3 individual shelves are separately decoupled from the floating sub chassis on steel point contacts providing a further level of isolation. The premium hardwood shelf perimeters are braced with a rigid steel latticework that can support 250 kilos of equipment at forces of up to 8Gs. The bronze base and uprights can be force patinated in a choice of finishes, from rich chocolate through to burnt umber, fiery orange and verdegris. The shelving can be profiled to any shape of the client's choosing from any premium hardwood.

- Dimensions: 1170mm (w) x 637mm (h) x 575mm (d)
- Weight: 140kg