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Living Voice Avatar II

Living Voice Avatar II


As compact as the award-winning Auditorium, the Avatar extends the original design concept. This model utilises a substantial increase in technology. We have used the finest hand built components, a vastly superior complement of drive units and a more sophisticated circuit topology. The presentation has remarkable height and depth of field whilst tonal colours are full and natural. The Avatar has been created specifically for the discerning and critical listener. Meticulous attention has been paid to each and every aspect of design and construction. The result is outstanding musical pleasure.

Technical Summary
- 750 density hardwood composite enclosure. 
- Book matched premium veneers.
- Scanspeak D950000 high frequency unit. 
- Star earthing.
- High sensitivity D’appolito configuration. 
- Hand wound air core inductors.
- Clarostat non-inductive wire wound resistors. 
- Hovland discrete film & foil. Musicaps.
- Optimised crossover layout. 
- Mechanically isolated crossover.
- Components toleranced to two decimal places.

- Loading Reflex port
- Sensitivity 94dB 
- Frequency Response 35 Hz-22.5kHz 
- Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
- Power Handling 100 watts
- Dimensions 104x22x28cm (HXWXD) 
- Weight 19 kg


€ 6200.00