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Lafayette SL-51

Professional sound level meter with USB


It provides multiple applications in industrial environments and civilians for professional use, to detect the level of noise from various machinery or engines, at venues and entertainment (for example: discos), and everywhere there is the need to know the cure capable of sound pollution; Equipped with large LCD high-contrast backlit for an immediate reading in dB noise value is also equipped with USB port (2) for a simple connection to your PC, satin aluminum tripod (3), suitcase, hard to transport (1), power supply, network, software, USB cable and user manual.

- Accuracy ± 1.4dB 
- Frequency range 31.5Hz ~ 8KHz 
- Dynamic Range 50dB 
- Level range: Low: 30dB ~ 80dB / Med: 50dB ~ 100dB, Hi: 80dB ~ 130dB / Cars: 30dB ~ 130dB 
- Quick Response Time: 125mS / slow: 1sec 
- Resolution 0.1dB 
- Update display 2 times per second
- Dimensions 278 x 76 x 50mm 
- Weight 350g
* (Tripod on picture not included)

€ 220.00