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L`art Du Son Record Cleaner

L`art Du Son Record Cleaner

Professional Audio Record Cleaning Solution Concentrate

A new and revolutionary record cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analog devotee Martina Schoener. 
The cleaning fluid has the following features:
- 50ml concentrated makes up to 5liters of cleaning fluid when added to ordinary distilled water. 
- Contains NO alcohol which can damage LPs. 
- Use of environmentally friendly formula components. 
- Dramatic increase in dynamic contrasts from LP playback. 
- Improved bass response from LP playback. 
- Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity from LP playback. 
- Increased stage depth and sense of musical ease. 
- Substantial reduction in LP noise floor resulting in improved clarity and instrumental definition. 
- Increased LP longevity.

€ 35.00