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JBL Studio Monitor 4312MII

5inch 3way Studio Monitor Loudspeaker - pair


 (English and Dutch)

Downsized to desktop. The JBL 4312M II delivers the legendary JBL studio sound to audio enthusiasts with limited listening space. With a tempered pure titanium dome and white pure pulp cone with pleated cloth surround, the 3-way compact monitor loudspeaker has been reworked from the previous version with new drive elements and a dividing network and enclosure to dramatically improve power, clarity and efficiency. Magnetically shielded, the speaker won’t distort your TV picture, so set it anywhere and enjoy your music or blast the sound from your favourite films. Innovative cabinet construction techniques increase internal volume for superior bass performance. A walnut lacquer veneer cabinet with “monitor blue” baffle and grille imbues a rugged, professional look for the new speaker, which provides classic JBL studio monitor performance to music and movie lovers. 

133mm (5-1/4") Low-Frequency Transducer
- White pure pulp cone with pleated cloth surround for tight, detailed bass performance
- Die-cast aluminium frame keeps moving parts in precise alignment and helps dissipate heat for increased power, longer performance and better handling
- Large-diameter dust cap enhances transition of sound from woofer to midrange

50mm (2") Midrange Transducer
- Pure pulp cone with pleated cloth surround complements woofer in design and performance
- Oversized magnetic circuit increases power handling for more dynamic performance at high volumes
- Redesigned dust cap improves directivity and transition of sound from midrange to tweeter

19mm (3/4") High-Frequency Transducer
- Tempered pure titanium dome improves high-frequency clarity
- Tempered diaphragm increases surface hardness for superior reproduction of ultrahigh frequencies

Key Features
- High-quality dividing network
- 3-step MF and HF attenuators
- Front-mounted port
- Available in traditional JBL studio monitor finish
- Magnetically shielded

- Low-Frequency Transducer: 133mm (5-1/4") white pure pulp cone driver with pleated cloth surround
- Midrange Transducer: 50mm (2") pure pulp cone driver with pleated cloth surround
- High-Frequency Transducer: 19mm (3/4") tempered pure titanium dome
- Recommended Amplifier Power: 75 watts
- Frequency Response: 55Hz – 50kHz (-6dB)
- Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
- Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90dB
- Crossover Frequencies: 7kHz, 12kHz
- Controls: Attenuators for MF and HF drivers
- Finish: Walnut lacquer veneer
- Grille Colour: Monitor blue
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 300mm x 181mm x 180mm
- Weight: 4.0kg

€ 995.00