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Grace Design M920

High Resolution Monitoring System


The m920 High Resolution Monitoring System - Impeccable, pedigreed audio performance for discerning audio professionals and connoisseurs. The m920 stands on the shoulders of its predecessors then jumps to new territory in digital and analog audio performance. Using the latest 32Bit Sabre DAC technology, it delivers up to 384kHz PCM and 64x and 128x DSD playback. The m920 provides state of the art DAC performance in our award winning compact, do everything utility design. For home or studio, this is truly the ultimate, high resolution monitoring system. For that moment when you fall back into the chair and the music coming through inhabits your being. In this world of endless distraction, the goal is to achieve limitless engagement. And that is what the m920 is designed to do. Whether you are mixing, mastering or simply listening - the resolution, detail and immediacy that occurs with the m920 at the center of your system will help pull you out of the din and in to the music. Building on 15 years of experience designing reference playback equipment, the technology in the m920 is highly evolved and refined. Each time we set out to improve a design, the goals are always clear: Lower the distortion, improve the noise performance, lower the DAC's jitter, make it more reliable. Make it better. With the m920, we hit the all bullseyes. The new, world-class M Series 32-bit Sabre DAC provides an astonishing improvement in digital performance. Redesigned s-Lock PLL circuitry improves jitter rejection. DSD64 and DSD128 playback brings great musicality to digital recordings. Every performance and design element was concidered and where improvements could be made, they were. This is truly pinnacle for high resolution playback. 
- Stereo analog inputs - balanced (+4dBu) XLR and unbalanced (-10dBv) RCA.
- Ultra low distortion 32-bit /384khz Sabre DAC accepts stereo digital input sources in AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK (optical) and USB formats with auto sample rate detection and digital de-emphasis filter
- User configurable DAC filter response for PCM and DSD playback
- USB for playback of up to 384kHz / 32 bit PCM as well as DSD64 and DSD128 playback via DoP
- AES and S/PDIF playback of up to 192kHZ / 24bit PCM as well as DSD64 playback via DoP
- New dual-stage wide lock range PLL for improved jitter rejection on non s-locked sources
- Third generation s-Lock™ dual stage PLL (phase lock loop) circuitry for the ultimate in low jitter clocking and sonic integrity
- Two sets of line level outputs provided via RCA (unbalanced) and ¼ TRS jacks (balanced) for connection to stereo monitors
- RCA line outputs can be configured for variable or fixed dac output mode for operation as a standalone digital to analog converter
- Front panel rotary encoder provides precision level control of both headphone and the line output levels. Level adjustments are made in 0.5dB steps within a 95dB range
- 0.05dB channel level matching to ensure true stereo balance at any monitoring level
- Large, white 7-segment display is used to show headphone and stereo main output levels
- New X-feed (crossfeed) simulates the acoustics of a loudspeaker listening environment which can significantly improve imaging while reducing listening fatigue when using headphones. This feature employs carefully designed signal cross-feed, filtering and delay circuits to simulate hrtf (head related transfer functions)
- High current transimpedance output amplifier design drives 8 ohm loads. The m920 was specifically designed with low impedance headphones in mind
- Only the highest quality 0.5% metal film resistors are used throughout and there are no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Sealed gold contact relays are used for all signal switching
- Infrared remote control for level control, left/right balance, mute and more when using the optional remote control unit
- Apple IR remote control is supported with optional pairing
- USB firmware upgradability
- 5 Year transferable warranty on parts and labor


Gain - Balanced Input
Headphone output, volume at maximum: 0dB
Balanced Line output, volume at maximum: -0.5dB
Unbalanced Line output, volume at maximum: -8.0dB

Frequency Response - Unbalanced In > Unbalanced Out
@ 0dBu out +/- .25dB: 15Hz - 50kHz
@ 0dBu out +/- .5dB: 9.5Hz - 72kHz
Frequency Response - Unbalanced In > Unbalanced Out: 4Hz - 192kHz

Maximum Input Level
Balanced Input: +22dBu
Unbalanced Input: +16dBu

Maximum Output Level
Unbalanced output @1kHz, 100k Ohm load: +22dBu
Balanced output @1kHz, 100k Ohm load: +23dBu
Headphone output @1kHz, 50 Ohm load: +20dBu

Balanced Input: 106K Ohms
Unbalanced Input: 53K Ohms
Balanced Output: 95 Ohms
Unbalanced Output: 47.5 Ohms
Headphone Output: 1.2 Ohm

Dynamic Range
@ 0dB gain, Balanced In > Balanced Out: 116dB
@ 0dB gain, Balanced In > Headphone Out: 117dB

THD+N Balanced Input

Headphone Out @ +10dBu, 50 Ohm load: <0.0050%
Unbalanced Line Out @ +10dBu, 100k Ohm load: <0.00045%
Balanced Line Out @ +20dBu, 100k Ohm load: <0.00075%

Channel matching: <0.05dB
Attenuator Range: 97.5dB

Output Noise Floor, Balanced Input          
Balanced Output, volume at maximum, 22-22kHz: -93dBu
Balanced Output, volume at minimum, 22-22kHz: -99dBu
Unbalanced Output, volume at maximum, 22-22kHz: -103dBu
Unbalanced Output, volume at maximum, 22-22kHz: -105dBu

Volume settings for unity gain
balanced in -> balanced out: 95
unbalanced in -> balanced out: 83
balanced in -> unbalanced out: 99. with Offset +8.
unbalanced in -> unbalanced out: 95

Input Formats: AES, S/PDIF, TOSLINK         PCM (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, DSD64
Input Formats: USB: PCM (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.4, 384 DSD64, DSD128
Input Sample Rate: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz

44.1kHz, 24bit, 1kHz, -1dBFS, Unbalanced Out @ +15dBu: <0.0005%
44.1kHz, 24bit, 1kHz, -1dBFS, Balanced Out @ +15dBu: <0.0005%

Output level
Unbalanced Output @ 0dBFS, Volume at maximum, trim at 0: +9dBu
Balanced Output @ 0dBFS, Volume at maximum, trim at 0: +17.6dBu
Unbalanced Output @ 0dBFS, Fixed DAC Output Mode: +8.2dBu

Power Requirements
120VAC: 0.16A
230VAC: 0.08A

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions: H1.7" x W8.5" x D8.25"
Weight: 5 lbs (2.2kg)

€ 2327.00