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Fostex TH-900

Premium Reference Headphones


The TH-900 is the first high-end headphones form Fostex featuring the newly designed driver unit with1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) magnetic circuit and bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm, traditional Japanese lacquered "Urushi" finished craftsmanship housing and selected 7N OFC cable. All coming together to achieve the sonic goal of a wider stereo field, high resolution and transparent reproduction.

- Unique Neodymium magnetic circuitry for wider dynamic range.
- Fostex "Biodyna" diaphragm for fine and high resolution sound reproduction
- Japanese Cherry Birch (Betula Grossa) housings with traditional "Urushi" lacquer
- 7N grade (99.99999%) OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cords

In Detail
- Unique designed Neodymium magnetic circuit adopting the magnetic repulsion system with the 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) magnetic flux density to achieve wider dynamic range
- Foster / Fostex's unique "Biodyna" diaphragm* for fine and high resolu-tion sound reproduction.
- The housings are made of Japanese Cherry Birch (Betula Grossa), the Japanese specialty with rigid and dense texture for maximum acoustic performance
- The housings are finished by the traditional "Urushi" lacquer (a.k.a. Japan) by a 100 years old artisan group. The finish used for the TH-900 is called "Bordeaux" and is simply stunning
- Platinum foiled "Fostex" logo on the housings
- The ear pads are made of protein leather made from eggshell membrane for maximum confort
- The cord is made of 7N grade (99.99999%) OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) and duralumin plug case for higher durability
- Comes with an elegant headphone stand (Model ST300) in the package

*"Biodyna diaphragm is made by Bio-cellulose fiber featuring low specific gravity, high Yang's modulus and high internal loss at the same time to achieve 2 times high propagation velocity and 5 times high rigidity against the conventional plastic film based driver unit.

- Type: Dynamic
- Driver: 50mm dia Nd magnet
- Impedance: 25 ohm
- Sensitivity: 100dB / mW
- Maximum Input: 1,800 mW
- Reproduction Frequency: 5 – 45k Hz
- Weight: 400g (excluding the cord)
- Cord: 3m Y type 7N-OFC
- Plug: 6.3mm dia gold coating stereo phone plug
- Accessory: Headphone stand 

€ 1680.00