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Enacom Speaker Limited Edition

Enacom Speaker Limited Edition

Audio Noise filter / pair

- Wire: Oxygen-free purest PCOCC copper and directional
- Terminals: Custom made Banana in purest PCOCC

The Speaker Enacom is connected across the binding posts of your speakers. It will improve your system more than any other inexpensive upgrade possibly can. FROM KEVIN HUNT'S SYNDICATED COLUMN, ON TRACK: The first hour with with the Enacom filters is like watching a spring ritual, the birth of a butterfly, Because a new capacitor needs an electrical charge, the initial performance of the filter is dreadful. Sound virtually collapses. As the capacitor charges slowly, you can almost see the sound grow horizontally. Then it gets deeper. Finally, it's full-bloom springtime. If it's affirmation you want, here it is: the Enacom speaker filter works. It is by far the best under-$100 accessory I've owned. Anyone who has experimented with different speaker cables or interconnects and detected an audible difference has a system that could benefit from these filters.FROM ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY MAGAZINE No.53: The (speaker Enacom) smoothed out the highs and made them seem much more pleasant. "I took them off and I really didn't like what I heard," he said.

€ 390.00