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Enacom AC

Enacom AC

Audio Noise filter with Schuko European type connector

The AC Enacom just plugs into an empty AC outlet near your system. Each of them will improve your system more than any other inexpensive upgrade possibly can. FROM ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY MAGAZINE No.54: Does (the AC Enacom) work? Despite our initial doubts, it definitely does. Those harsh highs were considerably smoothed. The edge was taken off the woodwinds and the voices of the singers, but with no loss of detail. The dynamic range, which had seemed constricted, appeared broader, with satusfying crescendos and diminuendos. Listening to it was a much more pleasant experience. It is an unexpected bargain. If you can't justify one of the other filters--and with an economy system you can't--give the Enacom a try. 

€ 80.00