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Densen DVD Demagic

Densen DVD Demagic

Demagnetiseerd uw Home Cinema installatie

Densen is now introducing the DVDMagic, which is based on technologies and knowledge gained from the award winning DeMagic. Densen DeMagic CD has been bought by more than 100,000 people world wide. Densen DeMagic is the only hi-fi accessory of its kind to improve your system in this way. The CD demagnetizes the sound system, and the difference is obvious to anybody, even if you are not a hi-fi enthusiast. Basically, the DVDMagic is a DeMagic in 5.1 digital surround. You place the DVDMagic in your DVD player, set the volume to a normal level and press "play". In approximately 3 minutes your Home Cinema System will sound much clearer, dynamic, detailed and transparent than before. The new DVDMagic is just a little step into the market of surround. Soon, Densen will add many other products to the surround section of their portfolio. DVDMagic Cleans the entire signal path for magnetism, which has been building up during playback. The magnetism results in Magnetically Induced Distortion (MID), which degrades the audio signal. The DVDMagic sends a series of complex algorithm signals, which removes the MID, through your system. The DVDMagic is also rather cheap in comparison to other tweak DVD's. The DVDMagic's fantastic capability of improving the sound and the great price means that the DVDMagic will be the single most important Hi-Fi accessory on the market. Perhaps also the single most important purchase of Hi-Fi accessories you will ever make!

€ 30.00