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Decca Deram Record Brush

Decca Deram Record Brush

Cleaning Brush

The Decca Deram record brush is smallest, most minimal brush we sell. Just a single row of very fine carbon fibres, highly effective at sweeping up the tiniest dust specks on a record's surface before playing. A classic, reissued at last by Decca.

"Few will fault the cleaning action of Decca carbon-fibre record brushes, with micro-fibres that got down into the groove better than anything before, and which also happened to discharge static. What the distributor found was a supply of the original, single-row type, a collector's item in its own right, in the pink packaging without a velvet inner layer. At around £7, it's worth having just for your museum, and your LPs. I use one all the time." 
Hi-Fi News(Ken Kessler, May 2006)

€ 25.00