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Creaktiv Systems Twister Stop Glass Lenses 35 mm

4 pieces Black

Creaktiv Research found out that an electromagnetic wave according to Heinrich Hertz at field interferences rolls up to stationary eddies and in this way concentrates energy in these places. These stationary eddies cause, according to the physics of the field physicist and eddy researcher Prof. Dr. Ing. K. Meyl eddy currents in conductors (also casings) and produce distortions in the electric field of HiFi components. Extensive psycho-acoustic research also showed that these whirls are the cause for interferences in the human nervous system and negatively influence the hearing ability. Deepening research has shown that these whirls appear large-scale on plate glass and under floor heating systems. Consequently a “super chip” was developed, which is able to dejam large glass areas and large amounts of water. Different size glass lenses were equipped with ci2p technology and a completely new, highly efficient product was created. With its Twister Stop lenses creaktiv Systems offers an interference suppression system for conducting materials, all kind of electrical appliances, windows, glass racks, mirrors and under floor heating systems. Unique in its efficiency and effectiveness. For the first time it is possible to enable music lovers’ access to spatial highly differentiated, detail-rich and pleasantly natural music playback despite large glass areas and under floor heating systems. Test it yourself!

€ 349.00