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Creaktiv Systems Power Plug Optimizer

Creaktiv Systems Power Plug Optimizer

Special Power Plug with ci2p-technology

Product description
A new information and activation technology enables to inform and activate power connectors directly. 
The creaktiv Systems ci2p Power Plug Optimizer informs via direct metal contact the entire power supply line. 
This leads to a significantly increased HF performance of power supply line, connector, mains cable and primary side of transformers of connected devices. 
The information of the power supply line massively reduces the creation of potential whirls at all interfaces in the current and the interferences in the HiFi system.

ci2p technology
Creaktiv Systems achieved the combination in a single process to both activate and inform materials. 
This process native to creaktiv is called ci2p technology - creaktiv integrated information process.
Connectors undergoing the ci2p technology have a perfect electric stability against high frequencies and at the same time extremely reduce electric smog and
interferences in their surroundings deep into devices and speakers.

To reduce electric smog up to now it was only possible to filter or to screen. 
This applies to direct emitted energies.
Still more important for the HiFi area are interference products of HF or the network in the NF area. 
And exactly here the information technology of Gabriel-Tech takes hold, which is worldwide exclusively used by creaktiv for HiFi and AV. 
With this information technology the electric smog can be reduced by far more than 90% and sound harming interferences in HiFi and Home Theater
systems can be largely removed.

The result: a clean, distortion-free music signal and music pure!

€ 65.00