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Creaktiv Systems Ground Potential Balancing Cable

Creaktiv Systems Ground Potential Balancing Cable

Interconnect cable 1mtr

Challenge cables
The statement “Cables cannot sound different!” is wrong! As a music lover you know: there is a difference. For a good reason much is paid for “optimum cables”. The creaktiv Systems approach in addition evaluates additional potentials, potential whirls, eddy currents and complex interactions – also between speaker and CD player – via the ground potentials. With this perception the relevant problem areas show: smallest resistors are determining the sound, as the ground interfaces are zero ohm connections. The cable system cannot dispose (via hot conductors) of its interferences at the cable ends and for want of build up consumer/resistor high frequency interferences, resonance and high eddy currents. The interferences stay inside the cable due to for high frequency interferences impregnable interfaces (wrong wave resistance adjustment)! For this reason creaktiv Systems has developed a high frequency management for cables: all low signal cables are equipped with unique asymmetric impedance. A perfect potential balance, a ground-free shielding, a perfect vibration damping in sand and the clear reduction of potential whirls through ci2p technology in cables, connectors and in the device itself ensure a natural sound, unknown until today!

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