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ASR Mini Basis Exclusive

Phono Preamplifier with AD843SQ and Magic Cord


The soundpicture is very smooth and relaxing - typically for ASR products. As a result from the large power supply the ASR Mini-Basis sounds very dynamic and has a very powerfull and controlled bass. The sound picture is very precise and has a good three-dimensionality with a very high dissolution of details.

- The case is made from high-quality, lightly transparent acrylic glass
- Highly efficient, shielded 72 VA PM (Philbert Mantelschnitt) transformer
- High-quality magnetic sheet metal with a low magnetic field gives good dynamic
- Ultra fast Schottky-Rectifier, buffer 200,000 uF with Philips switchmode Elkos
- Very fast and extremely low-noise IC`s made by Analog Devices
- Input resistance switchable 22, 47, 100, 221, 475 Ohms, 1, 2.2, 9, 15, 47 k Ohms
- Gain adjustable with 6 fold Dip switch between +30 dB to +70 dB
- Dimensions : 268 mm B x 350 mm D x 110 mm H
- Weight approx. 5 kg
- Finish: available with engravement in silver or gold.
- Hand made.

Mini Basis Exclusive version
- With higher specification Analog Devices AD843SQ IC's. 
- ASR Magic Cord power cable included.

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€ 1700.00